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Quantic's new Software Development Center
Recently, Quantic has made significant investments in physical and technological infrastructure. Our investments in technological
infrastructure and telecommunications ensure that we have adequate capacity to sustain our growing business needs.

The common features of our new facilities are:
A 300 square meters new Software Development Center capable of accommodating more than 70 engineers, sitting on

          5th floor of a 11 stories brand new building located at the business center of Ho Chi Minh city.
Completely network work environment: 128Kbps leased line and 3 ADSL lines
Ergonomically designed work space
Dedicated server room with high security and standard network and server equipments.

Quantic has developed an infrastructure to ensure success for our clients. We will continue to build and improve our infrastructure to benefit our customers and to ensure that they have the competitive advantage through leading edge technology.

Some photos of our new office can be viewed by clicking here.

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